Access PowerKVM console using IPMI

IPMI (Intelligent Platform Management Interface) is the default console to access PowerKVM Host. USer need to have FSP IP & PowerKVM node password.

For ex: FSP IP:

PowerKVM node passwd: passw0rd

How to Access console?

ipmitool -H -I lanplus sol activate -P passw0rd

[SOL Session operational.  Use ~? for help]

Press enter to get  console

If console is open already,  user need to deactivate existing session & activate it again

ipmitool-H -I lanplus sol deactivate -P passw0rd

Other useful IPMI Commands:

Power on Server:

ipmitool -H -I lanplus  -P passw0rd  chassis power on

Power off server:

ipmitool -H -I lanplus  -P passw0rd  chassis power off

Status of server

ipmitool -H  -I lanplus  -P passw0rd chassis status

Power Cycle server

ipmitool -H -I lanplus  -P passw0rd  chassis power cycle

Virtual server console using virsh

To access console of Virtual server created on PowerKVM host, respective management layer helps. If user needs to get console using libvirt/virsh.

virsh # console

8 thoughts on “Access PowerKVM console using IPMI

  1. Access IPMI console of x serve is slightly different from PPC64. User need to use RSA Passwod instead of Machine password
    ipmitool -H -I lanplus -U -P sol activate
    ipmitool -H -I lanplus -U -P sol deactivate


    ipmitool -H -I lanplus chassis status -U -P


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