Ubuntu on IBM POWER8 + Juju demo

What is juju?

Juju is one of the best service orchestration tool from ubuntu. It’s a cloud devops program , Which helps users to quickly configure & deploy services on cloud/any cloud.  Juju does this with “charms.”

How to configure juju?  https://juju.ubuntu.com/docs/

What are charms?

Charms are software components in juju.  Charm tools offer a means for users and charm authors to create, search, fetch, update, and manage a charms.  They are shareable & re-usable.  They encapsulate application configurations, define how services are deployed, how they connect to other services and are scaled.  Playing with charms is pretty straight forward. There are 100s of Charms already in  Charm store.

Play with charms here: https://jujucharms.com

Deploy Openstack using juju video

Ubuntu on Power8 + juju demo

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