Virtual machine Migration between PowerKVM Machines

Migration of Virtual machine is very critical in every Virtualization Technology.  Management layer(Ex: PowerVC) or Cloud Layer(Ex: IBM CMwO) will take care of migration of Virtual machine. This blog for people, who would like to explore migrations using virsh.

vm1: Virtual machine to be migrated

powerkvm1: Source Hypervisor

Powerkvm2: Destination Hypervisor

1) Migrate between two PowerKVM hosts with shared storage (NFS/SCSI/FC..etc)

Powerkvm1# virsh migrate --live --domain vm1 qemu+ssh://powerkvm2/system 
--timeout 60 --verbose

2) Migrate between two Power KVM hosts without shared storage

powerkvm1#  virsh migrate vm1 qemu+ssh://powerkvm2/system
 --copy-storage-all --verbose --live --timeout 120  --persistent --undefinesource

3) Check virsh list on destination Machine (powerkvm2)

powerkvm2# virsh list --all|grep vm1
28      vm1


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