Monitor PowerKVM using Nagios

Why Nagios?

Nagios is a system and network monitoring application. It watches PowerKVM hosts and  services that user specify

Nagios monitoring will be enabled via NRPE (nagios remote plugin-executor) which is the preferred method for remote monitoring of hosts.

What it can do ?

Alerting user when things go bad and when they get better. Nagios plugins that will be available by default
◦ Load average
◦ Disk usage
◦ Process Count and Resource Usage
◦ Log analysis
custom python scripts as nagios plugins provide any additional monitoring capability

Install packages:

[root@powerkvm-host ~]#  yum -y install nagios nagios-common nagios-plugins-*

Add PowerKVM node to nagios server:

#restart nrpe agent

Add configuration file for each powerkvm node in nagios server

Powerkvm Host state Breakdown by nagios

Program wide performance by nagios

Thanks to Yogananth Subramanian1

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