Configure FSP IP on PowerKVM machine

Power8/PowerKVM machines shipped from factory will be provided with default FSP IP.  Power8 machines comes with two FSP ports in back panel.   User would have to change this IP to use his own IP.

1) Where to get default IP?

Default IP is available in User manual  or control panel or below 🙂



2) Default password?

Default password is provided in user manuals.

3) How to change IP?

a) Connect  your Laptop & FSP port with a cable and assign IP to your laptop with in range of default FSP Ip’s.

For ex: use for your laptop, use subnet:

a) Open ASM on your laptop with default IP.

b) Network Services -> Network configuration

c) Choose Active FSP Port (Where ever cable is connected) and change IP

d) Once IP is changed, you will loose connectivity to FSP.  That means it successful.






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