Install Redhat satelitte capsule server

1) From satellite server generate certficates for capsule server.

capsule-certs-generate –capsule-fqdn  –certs-tar  ~/-certs.tar

[root@satserver ~]# capsule-certs-generate –capsule-fqdn –certs-tar  ~/
Installing             Done                                               [100%] […………………………………………………]

To finish the installation, follow these steps:

1. Ensure that the capsule-installer package is installed on the system.
2. Copy /root/ to the system
3. Run the following commands on the capsule (possibly with the customized
parameters, see capsule-installer –help and
documentation for more info on setting up additional services):

rpm -Uvh
subscription-manager register –org “Default_Organization”
capsule-installer –parent-fqdn          “”\
–register-in-foreman  “true”\
–foreman-oauth-key    “meN959SEtUnFWm2cwDCPhudaUbePW2TJ”\
–foreman-oauth-secret “5tdmdELFfnzA4tDt6oNm9usVKezCmpyS”\
–pulp-oauth-secret    “6a87Bp5YyH4YTp5WLxUnkRoXLSerpkbm”\
–certs-tar            “/root/”\
–puppet               “true”\
–puppetca             “true”\
–pulp                 “true”
The full log is at /var/log/katello-installer/capsule-certs-generate.log

2)  Follow above steps to complete Capsule server installation.

3) Once install done, capsule server will be listed under capsules as shown below.

[root@satserver ~]# hammer capsule list
[Foreman] Username: admin
[Foreman] Password for admin:
ID | NAME                                       | URL
1  | |
2  |    |

As shown above, every satellite server will have one default capsule server with id: 1

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