Memory hotplug support in PowerKVM

Bharata B Rao's Blog

Pre requisites
Basic hotplug operation
More options
Driving via libvirt
Debugging aids
Internal details


Memory hotplug is a technique or a feature that can be used to dynamically increase or decrease the amount of physical RAM available in the system. In order for the dynamically added memory to become available to the applications, memory hotplug should be supported appropriately at multiple layers like in the firmware and operating system. This blog post mainly looks at the emerging support for memory hotplug in KVM virtualization for PowerPC sPAPR virtual machines (pseries guests). In case of virtual machines, memory hotplug is typically used to vertically scale up or scale down the guest’s physical memory at runtime based on the requirements. This feature is expected to be useful for supporting vertical scaling of PowerPC guests in KVM Cloud environments.

In KVM virtualization, an alternative way to dynamically increase or decrease…

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