Performance Monitoring of Red Hat Satellite 6 using satperf

Continuous time-series metric collection of Satellite  & all Capsules are essential while satellite running at scale.
This post is helps to configure & monitor metrics using satellite-performance
1) Tools:
  • Collectd – Daemon to collect System Performance Statistics
    • Collects CPU, Memory, Disk, Network, Per Process stats (Regex), Postgresql, mongodb, turbostat, qpid, foreman, DynFlow, Passenger, Puppet, Tomcat, collectd..etc
  • Graphite/Carbon
    • Carbon receives metrics, and flushes them to whisper database files
    • Graphite is webapp frontend to carbon
  • Grafana – Visualize metrics from multiple backends.
    • Dashboards saved in json and customized by Ansible during deployment

2) Architecture


3) How do i configure performance?

Archit has come up with a nice blog for configuration

Description of metrics collected in satperf:

4)  Example Graphs
4.1 )  Passenger Mem
4.2) Postgresql DB (candlepin & foreman)
4.3) Candlepin DB
4.4) Puppet Registrations
4.2) Dynflow Mem
Thanks to Archit, Jhutar for providing inputs & help!

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