Profiling Ansible memory usage per task

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In this post, let’s look at how I was able to profile memory usage per task in a piece of software that uses ansible for configuration. While the post talks about getting memory profiling working for any ansible playbook, it also goes deeper into the TripleO example.

TripleO, Config-Download and Ansible

In OpenStack Queens, TripleO defaults to use an agent running on each overcloud node called os-collect-config. This agent periodically polls the undercloud Heat API for software configuration changes that need to be applied to the node. The os-collect-config agent runs os-refresh-config and os-apply-config as needed whenever new software configuration changes are detected. 

This model is a “pull” style model given each node polls the Heat API and pulls changes, then applies them locally. With the Ansible-based config-download, director/TripleO has switched to a “push” style model. Heat is still used to create the stack (and all of the Red Hat…

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