Wake up All interrupts on cpu0

For any experimentation reasons, we  might have to to wake up all interrupts on cpu0.

For Example:

Lets say if you want to wake qemu IO thread to get waken up on cpu0 all the time.

1) Disable irqbalance

service irqbalance stop

chkconfig –level 123456 irqbalance off

And then reboot.

2)  Check smp_affinity of any process.

[root@psuriset home]# cat /proc/irq/10/smp_affinity
[root@psuriset home]# cat /proc/irq/110/smp_affinity

Update from Fedora 20 to 22 using fedup

Update machine using below

1) yum update

2) reboot

3) yum install fedup

4) fedup –network 22 –product=server

Possible error:

Downloading failed: could not verify GPG signature: No public key

try with nogpgcheck

[root@localhost ~]# fedup –network 22 –product=server –nogpgcheck

Resend Patch to Gerrit

1) You must be having git already. ( for ex: Rally)

git clone https://github.com/stackforge/rally.git

2)  get your branch



git review -d 170537

3) Run this such that Change-Id will be updated.

gitdir=$(git rev-parse –git-dir); scp -p -P 29418 @review.openstack.org:hooks/commit-msg ${gitdir}/hooks/

4) make your code changes and amend

git commit -a –amend

5) Check if your Changelog, Change-Id are same as earlier.

6) Send patch

git review -d